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"Fuck you!"

*sigh* “Yeah. Fuck me.”

Like love, people can relate to the darker side of humanity on a largely universal scale. I admit that I harbor a strange fascination with the grisly, the macabre, the ultra-violent. And not in the slasher movie way—in the raw, haunting, mind burning way. In the absolute real way. Every fabricated show of gore and violence bears a comical feeling to me. But when I see a real picture of a person who has bore horrendous injury or death, I am enthralled—entranced. To know that there was emotion, physical pain, fear, and adrenaline all encompassed in a single, bloody scene—then to have it portrayed in a picture—I find it incredible. That is what is so amazing about a real picture of a dead person. I think deep in the recesses of our minds that we are overcome by everything that took place to bring that picture to existence. It is that bothering prick in our minds, beneath all of the blood.


Just cutted. Meow.

brilliant macabre. raw.


Hello my 84 followers. I am blogging again.

And no one cares.

Hello my 84 followers. I am blogging again.


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Oh It’s A-Ok
By m3ko